Bevel Pro® To Fit Your Needs

These new age designed beveling tools are available for SDR35 sewer pipe, C900 (Blue Brute), IPS, SDR21, and also PIP pipe. The Bevel Pro® is made in the U.S.A. with quality U.S. steel and can be easily sharpened numerous times to increase the life of the tools. Bevel Pro is designed with Quality, High Productivity, Consistency, and Durability in mind. In return minimizing costly repairs due to gasket damage causing leaks, etc.

The Bevel Pro® BPS354 is ready to insert into a 3/8" or larger cordless, power, or gas powered drill. (Recommended quality: 18V or more cordless drill.)

Recommended on 6" or larger tools: a minimum of 7" or larger angle grinder. (Recommended lower RPM High Torque Grinder.) Arbor adapters available for gas powered drills and hole hogs.

SDR35 Sewer Pipe
4 Inch   #BPS354 (View Video)
6 Inch   #BPS356 (View Video)
8 Inch   #BPS358
10 Inch   #BPS3510
NOTE: SDR sewer pipe will work in SDR35 and SDR26
C900 (Blue Brute)
4 Inch   #BPC904 (View Video)
6 Inch   #BPC906 (View Video)
8 Inch   #BPC908 (View Video)
NOTE: C900 works on DR-25, DR-18, DR-14
Iron Pipe Size (IPS) All Purpose
4 Inch   #BPIPS04
6 Inch   #BPIPS06
8 Inch   #BPIPS08
NOTE: Will work on Schedule 40-80-120, SDR26, SDR21, SDR13-5 (315 PSI), SDR 17 (250 PSI), SDR 32-5 (125 PSI), SDR 41 (100 PSI), PR160, and PR200
4 Inch   #BPAG404
6 Inch   #BPAG406
8 Inch   #BPAG408
Adapter for gas powered drill or hole hog
Part No. #ADP161
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Why Bevel Pro®

This revolutionary new tool reduces time and fatigue; it helps to increase production while reducing trench time and the possibility of accidents. And with Bevel Pro®, you’ll get more consistent bevels, which in the long run will save you money.

Bevel Pro® fits snugly over the end of the pipe, ensuring precise bevels each and every time. It's designed to create bevels that form a smooth join so you won't have to worry about displaced or torn gaskets. Bevel Pro is available in several sizes to match common pipe diameters so you know you'll have the right tool at the right time.

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